Sainty Hird & PartnersSainty Hird & Partners

Representative Assignments:

Corporate & Investment Banking and Capital Markets


Group Chairman and CEOs
Chairman, Europe
Chairman, Corporate Finance
Vice Chairman, Corporate Finance
CEO, Investment Banking
Country Head, Germany
Country Head, Scandinavia
Country Head, Italy
Country Head, France
Country Head, UK,
MD’s, Directors, and VP’s in UK, Nordic, German, Benelux, French, Swiss, Italian and Spanish Coverage


Head of European Telecoms,
Head of European Power & Energy
Head of European FIG
Head of European Media
Head of European Consumer/Retail
Head of Financial Sponsors
Head of European Chemicals
Head of European Technology
MD, Director, and VP Capital Goods
MD, Director, VP and Associates Telecoms
MD, and Director, Consumer/Retail
MD, Restructuring
MD, Real Estate, Europe Director, VP and Associate, Transport
MD, Director, VP and Associates, FIG
MD, Director and VP, Utilities
MD, Director and VP, Media
MD, Director and VP, Financial Sponsors
Director and VP, Healthcare
AD, Financial Sponsors
MD, Director, VP, Associates and Analysts, Technology
MD, VP, Aerospace and Defence


Global Head, M&A
European Head, M&A
MD, Director and VP, European M&A
Partner, European M&A
Partner, German M&A
Director, Head of Execution Group
MD and Director, UK M&A
VP, M&A Execution
European Sector Specific and Country Specific M&A roles at MD, Director, VP and Associate levels

Capital Markets & Corporate Broking

Head of European ECM
Head of European Equity Syndicate
MD, Dir & VPs, UK Corporate Broking
Director & Associate European ECM
Director, Equity Advisory
Head of European Debt Advisory & team
Director & Associate, Corporate DCM

Corporate Coverage

MD, European Head of Corporate Banking
Head of European FIG Coverage Banking
Head of TMT Coverage Banking
Head of Southern European Coverage Banking
Head of UK Corporate Banking
Head of FIG France Coverage
EMEA Head of NBFI Coverage
Country Head of Germany